The athletic director is asked to assist by:


1.      Designating a capable person to act as host to the officials. He should escort them to their dressing room and see that they are provided with towels and soap. He may also accompany officials to the field and take care of their jackets and possibly provide the officials with a soft drink or coffee at halftime.


2.      Providing a clean, private dressing room with shower. Before and after the game and at halftime, the officials' room should be "out of bounds" for everyone except the few who have a definite assignment there. (This is not a place for "smokers" or be the general "hang-out."


3.      Handing the officials' check to him privately before the game.


4.      Insisting that your coaches instruct their players to be courteous and respectful to all officials.


5,      Keeping crowds under control.


6.      Insisting coaches set a good example for your players and fans.


7.      Not permitting coaches to argue or visit with officials during a game or during intermission.


8.      Extending the same courtesy for parking to the guests school as to officials and a student manager acting as host.