The man honored with the name "coach" is the real key to all varsity competition today. His school may be small or large, but he is the one individual that the students, players and fans look to for guidance at athletic contests.


The coach must be a leader. He cannot place himself in a position to incite a crowd that may cause a school suspension, as well as embarrassment. He must control his emotions and his actions. To the crowd he is the one knowledgeable person pres­ent. If he is calm, the crowd will be calm. If he cannot or will not control himself and his team, there is no place for him in the high school program.


Assistant coaches must play a key role in overall control. This becomes doubly important in today's society, where a disciplined team can be a great lesson for both students and adults. Many assistant coaches will be on the sidelines for the first time. Your actions on these initial appearances can give you a good or bad impression that could carry with you for your entire coaching career.