NFHS Football Rules Changes For 2006



1-2-3g: Advertising and/or commercial markings may be permitted in the end zones.

1-3-5b: The official line-to-gain and down indicators shall be operated approximately 6 feet outside the sideline, where facilities permit.

1-5-1: Beginning in 2010, the visiting team shall wear white jerseys. Also, the home team has additional limitations as to how much white may be on its jerseys.

1-5-1a: At least a four-snap chin strap shall be required to secure the helmet.

1-5-1i: Mouth guards shall be of any readily visible color, other than white or clear.

1-5-1f2: Beginning in 2008, when measuring the length of a non-removable cleat, the measurement shall be from the tip of the cleat to the sole of the shoe.

1-6-2: Phones and headsets are permitted for use by anyone during a authorized sideline time-out.

2-6-2a: An authorized sideline time-out shall be held directly in front of the team box and within the 9-yard mark.

2-29, 3-7-6, 9-6-4a: The language and definition of participation and substitution have been revised.

2-31-8: A definition has been added to define when a runner becomes a kicker.

2-40: The word “intentional” has been removed from the spearing rule.

4-2-2: A holder may now recover a snap and retain the same options of going back to a knee for the kick, advance, pass or running the ball.

7-2-8: The option to use a “planned loose ball” has been removed.

7-5-10, 13: The act of illegally touching the ball by an ineligible player carries the same penalty whether the act occurs behind, in or beyond the line of scrimmage.

Six-, Eight-, and Nine-Player: The 9-yard mark required in 11 player has been modified to 7-yard mark.

Points of Emphasis

Spearing and Illegal Helmet Contact
Making the Difficult Call – Assisting the Runner; Officials Professionalism
Goal Line and End Zone Calls