1.         Have a good understanding of the rules and approved mechanics before accepting any game assignments.


2.         Be courteous, pleasant, firm and alert.


3.         Be professional with fellow officials. Any criticisms should be constructive and conducted in private. Do not discuss other officials with coaches.


4.         Do not smoke on or in the vicinity of the field. As to alcoholic beverages - don't! (Violation of this principle may result in dismissal from the W.K.C. as an Official.)


5.         Be on time for the contest. Allow enough time for a good pre-game conference.


6.         Do not fraternize with coaches or fans before or during the game.


7.         Wear the standard uniform and see that it is in good condition. Look sharp!


8.         Carefully check scoring-timing facilities before each half and at intervals during halftime.


9.         Maintain good position on the field and administer your duties in a businesslike manner.


10.        Know the signals and give them promptly and clearly.


11.        Attempt to maintain poise and calmness at all times. You cannot afford to "lose your head."


12.        Gain respect. Do not demand it.


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