Every W.K.C. official is required to attend at least four local association meetings during the 2019 season.  The initial meeting of the year, generally held at Lake Barkley State Park Convention Center, counts as two meetings.  The all-day WKC workshop counts as two meetings.  Officials may obtain credit for one meeting by working a preseason scrimmage and another for "attending" one of the weekly online meetings for referees. Depending upon the date of the annual banquet, an official may be able to obtain credit for a meeting by attending the banquet. Under no circumstances  may an officials become playoff eligible without attending either the initial meeting of the year or the WKC workshop.


          Officials are rated by the coaches, assigning secretary, on attendance at rules clinics, graded on the National Federation Test, and their certified, approved or registered ratings.


          All officials in their second year and beyond are strongly encouraged to take the National Federation Test Part II. The test will be given online at a date to be announced.




          Other than what is prescribed below, no patches are allowed on hats or other parts of the uniform worn during the contest. Below are the various requirements at press time for the different sports. These requirements are only for the clothing part of the uniform and do not include much of the other equipment. At press time, the KHSAA has four licensed vendors, all of whom have advertisements in the Officials Guidebook and links on the KHSAA web site. All embroidered merchandise may only be purchased from an approved and licensed vendor. Black football officiating pants with a white stripe of not more than 1.25 inches worn in varsity contests with embroidered KHSAA logo as per specifications to vendors; Black or white shorts, or white tapered knickers may be worn in place of the knickers during non-varsity contests with local Association approval. Black and white broad-striped short or long sleeved shirt (with pocket) with embroidered KHSAA logo over heart and the American Flag on the left sleeve as per specifications to vendors Black athletic socks when wearing black officiating pants One-piece sock with modified Northwestern stripe may be worn during non-varsity contests when black or white shorts, or white tapered knickers are worn with local Association approval. Black leather belt (no baseball style stretch belts); Baseball-type cap. The Referee shall wear a white hat with embroidered KHSAA logo as per specifications to vendors. All other officials shall wear a black hat with white piping with embroidered KHSAA logo as per specifications to vendors; Solid black football shoes and black shoe laces Position plackets may be worn on uniform if all on a crew wear them. Jackets shall not be worn during the contest.




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