The school principal can help by:


1.      Stressing good sportsmanship and working with the student body to better their attitude through school assemblies and the public address system.


2.      Assuming responsibility of crowd control.


3.      Providing a plan for safety of the guest school, spectators and officials by:

a.      Arranging the parking of buses and cars.

b.      Arranging the parking and protection for officials.

c.      Arranging protection for the guest team's unloading and loading their bus, before and after the game.

d.      Arranging seating areas for guests and adults.

e.      Arranging accommodations for cheerleaders and their sponsors.


4.      Providing for basic crowd control:

a.      Becoming knowledgeable of crowd control and student discipline.

b.      Keeping students in their places in the stadium; preventing them from running all over the place.

c.      Placing adults in areas which have as little interference as possible with students.


5.      Planning for police protection:

a.      Giving directions to police in and around playing field. This should include action before, during and after contest.

b.      Making use of booster clubs and service clubs as ushers, etc.