2005 Football Rules Changes



1-2-3: A mark 12 inches in length, 4 inches in width and 9 yards from each sideline shall be located on each 10-yard line. These marks shall not be required if the field is visibly numbered.


1-5-1: Beginning with the 2006 season, all helmets shall be secured with a four-snap chin strap and a tooth protector shall be of any readily visible color, other than white or clear.


1-5-2: Beginning with the 2008 season, hand pads must meet the same standard as gloves concerning the level of tackiness. The hand pads shall bear the NF/NCAA label indicating compliance with test specifications on file with the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association as of January 1, 1994.


1-5-3: The manufacturer logo/trademark restriction now includes any company reference.


3-3-4 NEW: A period shall not be extended when a foul occurs that specifies a loss of down.


3-7; 3-5; 7-2-1; 9-6 & 9-8: Substitution and participation rules have been clarified.


7-2-1 Penalty: “Illegal procedure” terminology has been removed from the rules book and Signal Chart.


7-5: Only one forward pass may be thrown during a down.


7-5-10 NEW: Hindering an opponent’s vision without making an attempt to catch, intercept or bat the ball is pass interference, even though no contact was made.


7-5-11: Contact by a defender obviously away from the direction of the pass is not considered pass interference.


8-5-2a Exception: All types of loose balls now included in momentum exception.


9-4-2: Non-players added to those who are covered under the Illegal Personal Contact rule.


Six & Eight Players: At least five offensive players shall be on their line of scrimmage at the snap and may have any legal jersey number.


Points of Emphasis


1. Heat and Hydration and Its Effect on Weight

2. Spearing, Butt Blocking, Face Tackling and Chop Blocks

3. Sideline Management

4. Game Management 


Author: Unknown

Release Date: 1/26/2005